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Internship & Experiences

Our internships are designed in such a way that candidates who learn data science also do enough practice to keep  them industry-ready.

The industry are chosen according to the candidate's availability & in agreements with the company's standard. Our recommendations is that at-least 15 hours per week is required to gain the real-time experience.

Internships not only focus on the technical aspects on data science but also on the functional aspects such as

             Product Management

             Data Science Life Cycle

             Productionalizing Data Science Algorithms

Top Internship Projects
  • Stock Market Prediction

  • Booking Prediction - MaaS

  • Disease Prediction using Genetic Data

  •  Malware Prediction Product

  • Sales Prediction using ML 

Career Funnel

Data Engineer

Jr. Data Scientist

Data Scientist

Senior Data Scientist

Principle Data Scientist 

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