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Edtech Evolution: Ambitio's Pre-Seed Raise Marks a Shift in Admissions Assistance

Funding Details: Ambitio, an AI-driven global admissions startup, secured Rs 1.55 crore in its pre-seed funding round, co-led by First Cheque along with other investors.

Utilization of Funds: The company intends to use the raised funds to concentrate on further product development aimed at expanding its coverage across various academic programs and building effective distribution channels.

Founding and Objective: Founded in 2022 by Dirghayu Kaushik, Vikrant Shivalik, and Vaibhav Tyagi, Ambitio's primary objective is to assist aspirants in securing admissions to top global universities.

Services Offered: Ambitio provides a platform that aids applicants in identifying suitable courses and creating exceptional essays & Statement of Purpose (SOP). It leverages a database of over 2 million admits, focusing on a low-touch approach for a comprehensive global admissions experience.

Intelligent Digital Advisors: The company aims to serve as intelligent digital advisors to students throughout their admissions journey, offering mentorship and guidance. Their approach involves combining AI technology with in-house admission experts.

Applicant Success: Ambitio's strategy revolves around supporting applicants in building strong profiles and crafting outstanding applications. Their goal is to increase the chances of applicants getting accepted into their desired schools.

Holistic Admissions Support: By employing a mentorship approach and utilizing AI-driven insights, Ambitio aims to provide holistic support to students, ensuring they navigate the admissions process effectively and secure positions in their dream institutions.


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