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Goa's Ambitious Vision: Transforming into Asia's Premier Startup Hub

  1. The government of Goa aims to position the state as a prominent startup destination in Asia by leveraging its unique selling points, including beaches and heritage locations.

  2. Entrepreneurs are being encouraged to establish their startups in Goa, with plans to create working spaces on the state's beaches and heritage sites. This initiative seeks to capitalize on the natural beauty of the region to attract professionals.

  3. The government plans to digitalize Goa's villages, indicating a commitment to modernize infrastructure and facilitate a conducive environment for startups.

  4. Since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, approximately 214 startups have received certification from the state government. The pandemic-induced rise in remote work has contributed to professionals choosing Goa as their preferred workplace.

  5. The state is gaining popularity among professionals and emerging startups due to factors such as natural beauty, robust infrastructure, and supportive official policies, as stated by the Department of Information Technology, Electronics, and Communication in Goa.

  6. The government plans to launch sea hubs equipped with digital workstations on the beach, and it has requested the central government to issue digital nomad visas to attract foreign professionals to work in Goa.

  7. About 35% of startups in Goa are driven by women, and the government is actively encouraging more women to join the startup ecosystem by providing training opportunities. Additionally, there is a shift in focus from hard infrastructure to human capital through the Global Opportunities Aggregator (GOA) initiative, aiming to capitalize on global opportunities and foster a conducive environment for innovation and growth.


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