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Sea Hubs and Workstations: Goa's Unique Strategy to Lure Startups

  • The Goa state government aims to encourage the establishment of startups in the region by implementing initiatives such as sea hubs, digital villages, and workstations in heritage locations.

  • The vision is to position Goa as one of India's preferred startup destinations and secure a spot among the top 25 startup destinations in Asia by 2025.

  • The state plans to launch co-working spaces on beaches and heritage sites, promoting the concept of work-ations in the post-Covid phase.

  • During the pandemic, Goa witnessed a surge in popularity as a destination for remote working, leading to the certification of 214 startups in the state.

  • Entrepreneurs, attracted by Goa's budding startup ecosystem and the prospect of a healthier work-life balance, are increasingly choosing the state to launch their businesses.

  • Vasundhara Kanoria, founder of the relationship wellness app Togethr, highlighted the appeal of Goa for planning events related to her app and anticipates a growing startup ecosystem in the region over the next 5-10 years.

  • Build 3, a startup studio based in Goa, has experienced substantial growth, increasing its startup partners from seven to 26. The studio has invested Rs 1.5 crore in seven startups by December 2023, with an additional Rs 3 crore planned for deployment by the end of January.


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