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🌈The AI Company Established by an IIT Madras Graduate is Worth $520 Million💵🤖

🔥Srinivas, CEO of Perplexity AI, had prior internships at DeepMind, Google, and OpenAI, eventually becoming a research scientist at OpenAI.

🔥Aravind Srinivas, an IIT-Madras alum, co-founded Perplexity AI and faces competition against major players like Google and Microsoft Bing in the search engine industry.

🔥The co-founders of Perplexity AI include Denis Yarats (formerly at Facebook AI), Andy Konwinski (co-founder of Databricks), and Johnny Ho (previously at Quora).

🔥Perplexity AI recently secured $73.6 million in funding from notable investors like Nvidia and Jeff Bezos, among others.

🔥This funding round, led by Institutional Venture Partners and supported by NEA and Databricks Ventures, placed the AI startup's valuation at $520 million.

🔥Overall, Perplexity AI has raised a total of $100 million in funding so far.

🔥Srinivas' journey included significant internships at DeepMind, Google, and OpenAI before assuming his current role as CEO of Perplexity AI.


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