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Highly Competitivege Range

The UPSC exams are among the most competitive in the country, with lakhs of aspirants appearing for the Civil Services Examination each year.


Number of Vacancies

The number of vacancies for civil service positions varies each year, depending on administrative requirements and retirements.

Diverse Backgrounds of Aspirants

Aspirants come from diverse educational backgrounds, including engineering, medicine, arts, and sciences, indicating the widespread appeal of civil services.


Gender Representation

The number of female candidates appearing for UPSC exams has been steadily increasing over the years, reflecting a positive trend of gender inclusivity in civil services.


UPSC (Union Public Service Commission)

Civil Services Prestige

Clearing the UPSC exams and joining the civil services bestows individuals with prestige, recognition, and respect within society.

National and Social Impact

Serving in civil services enables individuals to directly contribute to the formulation and implementation of government policies, positively impacting the lives of citizens

Challenging and Diverse Roles

Civil service positions encompass a wide array of responsibilities, including administrative, diplomatic, police, revenue, and foreign services, providing candidates with diverse career opportunities.

Job Security and Stability

Civil services offer job security, stability, and assured career progression, making them highly attractive to candidates seeking long-term professional growth.

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